Learning from the Swedes

The development of Swedish narcotic drug control has been an interesting example for all the World. Jonas Hartelius, drug expert and assistant to the late Professor Nils Bejerot, has written a book about the Swedish post-war experience, now available at the World Forum.

“Directly after the Second World War, the first epidemic of intravenous amphetamine abuse (misuse) in Europe originated in Sweden. The epidemic has lasted for more than 60 years. During this time, the actual narcotic drug control regime has gone through significant changes. The Swedish experience has become interesting as an example for other countries. After having made mistakes with e.g. legal prescription of narcotic drugs to chronic abusers and administrative decriminalization, Swedish narcotic drug control has gradually become more comprehensive and restrictive. A number of people involved have documented the turns of events, evaluated the results, gathered considerable experience, and kept on working with fresh approaches. Many people have accumulated considerable knowledge about how to prevent, discover, and stop abuse of narcotic drugs.

In my book Narcotic Drug Control Policy in Sweden – The Post-war Experience, I have summarized the main features of the development and the debate on narcotic drugs during the post-war period.

Independent debate outside the establishment and the mobilizing of public opinion against drugs have been of crucial importance

Scientific adviser to the Swedish Carnegie InstituteJonas Hartelius: Narcotic Drug Control Policy in Sweden – The Post-war Experience, FRI Publishing House, Stockholm, 2008. Foreword by Dr. Robert L. Dupont, M.D.

The book will be made available to the participants at the World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm 8 – 10 September.

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World Forum…

… Against Drugs. Första WFAD -konferensen hölls i september 2008 i Stockholm. Den andra i maj 2010 och i maj 2012 anordnades ett tredje forum. Ett ”joint statement” undertecknades av 5 länders regeringar.• Declaration , Speeches.

Det fjärde eventet hålls i Stockholm 19-20 maj 2014 tillsammans med ECAD:s borgmästarkonferens.

Första konferensen hade temat ”Hundra år av drogprevention – hur går vi vidare”. 2010 hade tre huvudtema – ny cannabisforskning, drogmissbrukets inverkan på barn, och påverkan på demokrati och samhälle, bland annat i Afrika. Konferensen samlade Dessutom har ett globalt nätverk av folkrörelser bildats – World federation against drugs, till försvar för de internationella narkotikakontroll-resolutionerna som utgör grundval för de flesta länders narkotikapolitik.

• WFAD har idag 120 medlemsorganisationer från alla kontinenter. ECAD samlar 249 städer i 30 länder i Europa.

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