Start of a Global Network Against Drugs

“This Conference will be the start for a Global network, to work for a drug free world“, was the final words from the President of the Wfad Organizing Committee, Båb Bergvall, when the World Forum ended.

The Declaration is Crystal clear; the new network will fight all kinds of drugs, even harm reduction. The network will also fight the strong forces that want to legalize drugs.

- Human rights are incompatible with drug abuse. All individuals have the right to a life that is not harmed by drugs. Policy-makers need to defend and protect this right. The rights and interests of drug users are not served by supporting the continuation of drug abuse, said Sven-Olov Carlsson, representing the Swedish umbrella organization NGOs against drugs, in his speech of the closing session.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are phenomena that affect every geographic region in the world and no country can tackle these problems alone. To have any impact, there has to be a consistent approach to these products and this means creating strong coalitions that can help governments to find the political will to act, he continued.

The closing session speakers had a lot of things in common in their speeches, but one thing really stuck out. They eager the conference delegates to go on with their work, and even work harder in the knowledge that they now are a network and that they can find strength in this knowledge.

- Hang in there, and do as best as you can, as the lawyer and writer David Evans eager the delegates.

He told the conferees some of his experiences of how the “Non abstinent harm reduction movement“ works. “They try to demoralize us in the work we do. They say that our fight is lost; they say words of moral and soft. They are compassioned nice people and those who do the lobbying know how to pronounce themselves“.

- Then what can we do? We can educate our young ones; we must never stop telling people that drugs are dangerous. We can get to know each other, and build networks as we have done here these days. And finely we can adopt the declaration because this supports our inner efforts; Mr. David Evans ended his speech.

Unique with the World Forum is that for the first time NGOs from all over the world have come together and done this thing in common. This is a non-political movement; its only aim is to work for the vision of a drug free world, and to protect the human rights of drug prevention.
The declaration has so far been signed by more than 30 umbrella NGO organizations from as many countries.

• Note: Here You find the Declaration.

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World Forum…

… Against Drugs. Första WFAD -konferensen hölls i september 2008 i Stockholm. Den andra i maj 2010 och i maj 2012 anordnades ett tredje forum. Ett ”joint statement” undertecknades av 5 länders regeringar.• Declaration , Speeches.

Det fjärde eventet hålls i Stockholm 19-20 maj 2014 tillsammans med ECAD:s borgmästarkonferens.

Första konferensen hade temat ”Hundra år av drogprevention – hur går vi vidare”. 2010 hade tre huvudtema – ny cannabisforskning, drogmissbrukets inverkan på barn, och påverkan på demokrati och samhälle, bland annat i Afrika. Konferensen samlade Dessutom har ett globalt nätverk av folkrörelser bildats – World federation against drugs, till försvar för de internationella narkotikakontroll-resolutionerna som utgör grundval för de flesta länders narkotikapolitik.

• WFAD har idag 120 medlemsorganisationer från alla kontinenter. ECAD samlar 249 städer i 30 länder i Europa.

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