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Less dope in Stockholm restaurants

STOCKHOLM: There are less drugs at restaurants in Stockholm now than in 2001. According to a new report restaurant staff have been educated, toilets have been upgraded, lighting been improved and interaction with police and social services increased.

More prison places are needed in future

STOCKHOLM: Swedish law enforcement received 1,372 000 notifications of crime last year, an increase of 68 300 crimes or five per cent since the year before.

Weak Swedish currency raising alcohol prices

STOCKHOLM: A weak Swedish krona (SEK) leads to more expensive products for the consumers in the state alcohol retail monopoly – Systembolaget – from April 1st. It´s mainly the price of wine and spirits that will be affected.

Alcohol issue a priority in the Swedish EU presidency

STOCKHOLM The Swedish Government intends to give priority to the alcohol issue during it´s EU presidency. Advertising, young people and alcohol, harmful drinking and elderly consumption are some themes during top conferences next autumn.

EU-signals for a more restrictive alcohol policy

BRUSSELS “A part time victory for restrictive alcohol policy!“ says the Swedish member of the EU parliament, Mr. Olle Schmidt, about changes in a proposal about selective purchase tax within the union.

Speeches at World Forum

Some of the Prominent Guests speeches at World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm 8-10th of September 2008.

Start of a Global Network Against Drugs

“This Conference will be the start for a Global network, to work for a drug free world“, was the final words from the President of the Wfad Organizing Committee, Båb Bergvall, when the World Forum ended.

Declaration for a Drug-free World

There can be no other goal than a Drug-free world. That says in the Declaration of World Forum Against Drugs that on Wednesday in Stockholm was signed by about 30 NGOs from all the World. They support the launch of a global network that is united behind the UN conventions. […]

Learning from the Swedes

The development of Swedish narcotic drug control has been an interesting example for all the World. Jonas Hartelius, drug expert and assistant to the late Professor Nils Bejerot, has written a book about the Swedish post-war experience, now available at the World Forum.