More Swedish youth get hospital treatment for Drug abuse

STOCKHOLM Due to new statistics, from The National Board of Health and Welfare, a greater number of Swedish youths are taken into hospitals for drug and alcohol related illnesses.

Three times more youths in the age of 15-24 years was taken in for hospital care then the year before, and five times more for drug misuse then 20 years ago.
Those youths are taken in to hospitals mostly for psychic disorders, related to the misuse.

The increase is related to the consumption of alcohol and drugs that have increased among these groups, says Sven Andreasson from Swedish National Institute of Public Health to Svenska Dagbladet.

This Institute has, in another report, pointed out that the numbers of female alcoholics have increased with 50 per cent during the last five years.

During the last year the trend of youths testing drugs has turned from of declining to an increase. It is now a fact that boys in the age of 15-16, that are using alcohol and drugs, are increasing again.