Less dope in Stockholm restaurants

STOCKHOLM: There are less drugs at restaurants in Stockholm now than in 2001. According to a new report restaurant staff have been educated, toilets have been upgraded, lighting been improved and interaction with police and social services increased.

This has helped improve the drug situation in restaurants in Stockholm.
677 employees answered the City Project questionnaire. The study found that in comparison to 2001, where 83 per cent of the restaurant employees had seen the influence of drugged guests, the ratio has now decreased to 76 per cent.

Employees who believe that guests influenced of drugs are rejected has risen from 74 to 85 percent.
– Restaurant staff’s attitudes and willingness to intervene is absolutely essential if you want to reduce the presence of dope in restaurant environment, says Johanna Gripenberg, responsible for the study.

Restaurant staffs own experience of drugs is higher than in most other professions. But even here reported drug use decreased from 27 to 19 per cent.
In the project “Restaurants against Drugs“ so far, around 7000 employees and 450 guards has passed drug education. The project is also running in Gothenburg, Malmoe and around 20 other municipalities.