Less Drug free treatment in Swedish prisons?

STOCKHOLM Collaboration between the Prison and probation service, the Centre of Drug dependence in Stockholm County and the social services, will be perpetuated in Stockholm. The question is now whether the Swedish prison system now is entering an era with more medical maintenance and less drug-free care.

Since its inception in autumn 2007, 86 opiate dependent clients have been attached, after prison sentences, in a project, ITOK, “integrated team for opiate dependence correctional clients“.

– We have managed to break patterns of constant recurrence, and that most of the clients continue in care is good, says a satisfied Birgitta Rydberg, county director for health and addiction issues, to Drugnews.

Now she hopes that other county councils in Sweden to follow.
Today two prisons have space for eight opiate dependent correctional clients.
– If we need more, we have prepared to open another 14, says the Prison and Probation Service medical expert Lars Håkan Nilsson, to Drugnews.

The Prison and Probation Service mission is to reduce recidivism, that’s why we provide the treatment necessary for clients to be able to survive after they leave prison, Mr Nilsson adds.

It is not only the treatment with narcotic classified drugs increases in the Prison and Probation. Even the prescription of antidepressants has increased greatly.
But strong objection is heard from, Criminals Return into Society associations, (KRIS) President Christer Karlsson.

– I don’t like medical maintenance, it ´s better to learn to live a life without drugs, he told Drugnews.