Summit against drug legalization

STOCKHOLM The Swedish government has invited representatives from US, Russia, Britain and Italy to a drug summit Sunday to address the legalization movement. The purpose is to coordinate the global fight against drugs.

The Secretary for Children and the Elderly at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Mrs. Maria Larsson, has invited the national drug coordinators from Russia, USA, Italy and UK to a dinner at Rosenbad on Sunday evening.

The outcome of the summit will be presented on Monday morning at conference The World Forum Against Drugs, held in Stockholm.

Allies countries, which fights for a restrictive drug policy, is expected to underline the UN Children’s Conventions binding Article 33 on children’s right to protection from drugs. Strengthen prevention and treatment, aiming at full recovery. And cooperation on measures to effectively disrupt the production and sale of drugs, faster to classify new drugs and make the marketing and trading of drugs via the Internet.

An insight source tells Drugnews it is important that countries will stand up together and say that blurred drug policies do not solve the world’s drug problems.

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World Forum…

… Against Drugs. Första konferensen hölls i 2008 i Stockholm. Därpå tre till i Stockholm ( 2010, 2012 och i maj 2014 tillsammans med ECAD:s borgmästarkonferens). Det femte hölls 12-13 mars i Wien, i samband med FN:s 59:e CND-möte, inför Ungass.

• World Federation Against Drugs , WFAD, som ordnare konferenserna har nära 170 medlemsorganisationer från alla kontinenter.

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