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Sweden: protect children against drugs

VIENNA Protecting children against drugs is a human right. A statement by Maria Larsson, Sweden´s Minister for Children, at the CND meeting in Vienna.

UNODC chief twice rewarded

The first ever Nils Bejerot Award for Global Prevention was today given to the UNODC Director Antonio Maria Costa at the conference World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm. At the same ceremony he also was presented the Moxie Award by the Drug Free America Foundation for his work against drugs.

Speeches at World Forum 2010

Some of the Prominent Guests speeches at World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm 24-25th of May 2010.

First global strategy on Alcohol adopted

GENEVA The first global strategy for reducing harmful use of alcohol was adopted by the 193 UN-countries on the sixty-third session of World Health Assembly 20th of May.

New alcohol bill raises fears of increased drinking

STOCKHOLM More outlets may be permitted to serve alcohol from this summer if a new alcohol proposal becomes law in Sweden. But public health minister Maria Larsson says the goal is to decrease the consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol on EU agenda in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM An Expert Conference on Alcohol and Health was held in Stockholm in late September. The aim was to raise the alcohol issue in European Union and to intensify the long-term work with the now three years old alcohol strategy in the union.

”Perfect timing for push alcohol issue in EU”

Swedish EU-presidency is a good opportunity to push for reducing the harm caused by alcohol in Europe. It was established at an international alcohol conference in Stockholm.

Criticism against beer at McDonalds

STOCKHOLM McDonalds restaurant at Arlanda airport close to Stockholm has started to serve beer with hamburgers.

Notorious drunk drivers will be pin pointed

STOCKHOLM Notorious drunk drivers in Stockholm will be stopped. The police will pin point 62 people who have repeatedly been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, without a driver’s license or are under influence of drugs.

Less alcohol, more drugs among young Swedes

VISBY The proportion of Swedish teenagers 15-16 years old who use illicit drugs increase again. Smoking as well. However, fewer teens drink alcohol, according to new data.